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Quarry Issues

If the Roblar Road quarry goes into operation beginning in 2015 when the Williamson Act on the property expires, the agricultural land, open space and natural resources that exist where the quarry is located will be damaged forever, long past the 20 to 30 years the County plans to allow it to operate. 

The County has based its decision to approve the quarry on the Aggregate Resources Management (ARM) plan that was developed more than 20 years ago and does not reflect the current economic or business needs of the county. CARRQ has fought the development of the Roblar Road quarry by three different applicants for more  than 20 years. The fight has been long and complicated.

There are many issues related to the quarry. Below is a link to information about each one of those issues. We encourage you to investigate our site to understand these issues, how they might affect your health and safety, and for which you might be paying in future taxes!