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Quarry Developer Seeks to Modify Use Permit Conditions

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on Mon, 03/27/2017 - 17:55

The Roblar Road Quarry was approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2010 with more than 180 Conditions of Approval for the quarry's development and operation. CARRQ appealed this decision in court, but lost our appeal in 2014. Since then, CARRQ was not aware of activity surrounding the quarry's development until August 2016 when the first of two applications to modify some of the Condtions of Approval were submitted by the developer to PRMD (Planning Resource Managment Development) .  A revised application was submitted in September 2016.

Modifications were requested to:

  • Condition of Approval 44: Signalization of Intersection of Roblar and Stony Point Roads
  • Conditions of Approval 49 and 59.a: Improvements to Roblar Road
  • Condition of Approval 101: Grading within 50 feet of (tops of banks) Waterways
  • Condition of Approval 133: Avoidance of Potential Jurisdictional Wetlands and Riparian Habitat Located Along the Southern Boundary (Ranch Tributary) and the Southwestern corner (seasonal wetlands) adjacent to Americano Creek 

July 22, 2016    Application UPE 16-0058 (Not Posted)

Sept. 27, 2016   Revised Application UPE 16-0058

Oct. 18, 2016    CARRQ Response to Applications

Conditions of Approval