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This page lists organizations in Sonoma County that have missions related to CARRQ. Many have directly supported or assisted CARRQ in our efforts to stop the Roblar Road quarry and the misuse of conservation easements and open space land.

Citizen's Advisory Committee--Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District (SCAPOSD)

The 17 members of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee represent Supervisorial Districts, various interest groups and incorporated cities within Sonoma County. Committee members are appointed by the SCAPOSD Board of Directors. The Committee advises the District Board and staff on policy matters and making recommendations for proposed easement or land acquisitions. Subcommittees such as Acquisition and Stewardship may be formed for specific issues related to the District's program.

Moms for Clean Air

A group of moms and local community members opposed to the Dutra Ashpalt Recycling Plant Along the Petaluma River resulting from significant and unavoidable impacts to air quality that go against The Clean Air Plan.

Paula Lane Action Network (PLAN)

P.L.A.N. is a nonprofit organization based in Petaluma, dedicated to preservation of rural land and open space, wildlife habitat and historic resources.  PLAN is a strong supporter of CARRQ, including acting as our financial sponsor for donations.

Resource Renewal Institute (RRI)

RRI catalyzes long-term environmental change through comprehensive management strategies. With programs focusing on land, water, biodiversity, human health, and climate change, RRI implements best practices from around the world.   RRI's Defense of Place program collaborates with citizen activists nationwide to protect parks, nature preserves, wildlife refuges, open spaces, and conservation easements from sale, development and predatory changes in use.

Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment

The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment is a grantmaking public charity. Unlike a private foundation, the Foundation was not launched with a big endowment. So each year the Foundation has to raise the money that they give away as grants to community-based organizations or invest in their youth leadership and environmental justice programs. Their funding comes from donations, grants from other foundations, or legal restitution payments and cy pres funds.   In 2010, CARRQ received a grant from the Foundation's Grassroots fund.

San Rafael Rock Quarry Committee

The SPRQ Committee was generated by the Peacock Gap community's need to address toxic air contamination and other environmental fallout from the San Rafael Quarry which operates a substantial mining operation in the Peacock Gap neighborhood.

Save Shollenberger Park

An environmental group dedicated to the opposition of the Dutra Asphalt Recycling Plant along the Petaluma River due to the severe environmental impact to Shollenberger Park. The group is composed of ordinary citizens who enjoy open space, clean air, and community well being. They have joined together to preserve and protect Shollenberger Park and the Petaluma Wetlands for all of our families and for future generations. They provide information and a forum for citizens to learn about local environmental issues and work towards protecting the park.

Sonoma County Conservation Action (SCCA)

Sonoma County Conservation Action (SCCA) is the nonpartisan, political arm of Sonoma County’s environmental movement. SCCA’s full time organizing staff has knocked on more than 70,000 doors each year for the past 17 years, identifying environmentally concerned county residents, distributing information and election endorsements, generating membership and mobilizing residents to write to decision-makers and to volunteer for electoral campaigns. The power of person-to-person, grassroots organizing makes Conservation Action the most politically effective organization in Sonoma County.

Sonoma Land Trust

Sonoma Land Trust is a local, non-governmental, non-profit organization funded largely by membership contributions. The Land Trust works closely with private landowners, the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District and other public agencies at all levels of government, nonprofit partners, and foundations. Sonoma Land Trust is a member of the California Council of Land Trusts and subscribes to the Standards and Practices of the national Land Trust Alliance.

Russian Riverkeeper

Russian Riverkeeper advocates, educates, and upholds our environmental laws to ensure the protection and restoration of the Russian River for the health and benefit of all who use and enjoy it!