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Quarry Owner to Self-Monitor Impacts to Public and Environmental Safety

Project Approved Despite More Than 180 Conditions of Approval

The quarry project Environmental Impact Report (EIR) lists as mitigation measures multiple areas where the quarry owner will have to self-monitor truck traffic, wind, dust, storm runoff and storm damage among other conditions of approval.

Shortly after John Barella purchased the Roblar Ranch property  he graded a ¼ mile-long 12-foot wide swath into the hillside adjacent to the Ranch Tributary creek. This grading was done with no thought to erosion control. In fact rocks, dirt, and silt were pushed into the creek. This was done without a permit. How can we trust a quarry operator who already broke basic laws at this site to do self-monitoring?

In this era of county budget cuts, how will the county be able to monitor its responsibility and respond to concerns of residents about violations?

On December 17, 2009,  the County planning staff recommended to the Planning Commission that the County let John Barella develop this gravel mine, even though the County admits there are more than 180 conditions surrounding the project that cannot be mitigated to prevent hazards to water, air quality, health and safety, and environmental impacts to nearby streams and wetlands. 

The  County has already been criticized for not montoring permits of existing quarries in Sonoma County.  The County budget has been severely impacted by the recession resulting in the loss of hundreds of staff jobs, including losses in the Planning and Permit  department.   How  will  they monitor and enforce the 180 conditions of approval for the Roblar Road quarry?

Conditions of Approval