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Our Immediate Goal

Our goal is to move the Roblar quarry project back to the Board of Supervisors to be amended and voted on again by board members elected after 2010.  We have pursued all legal options open to us to challenge the project's Environmental Impact Report under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Depending on the outcome of an appeal of our victory in Superior Court by the County and the developer (hearing date April 2014), CARRQ will either fully pursue a new vote by the board, or will transition to an organization focused on monitoring the more than 180 Conditions of Approval required to permit the quarry to operate.

The issues are just TOO BIG to be ignored:

  • Impact on traffic and country roads already too narrow to accommodate gravel trucks safely
  • Blasting adjacent to likely contaminants in the old unlined landfill
  • Potential of contaminants spread to surrounding areas byy high winds all through the Petaluma Gap
  • Potential pollution of well water for surrounding residents
  • The casual invasion of "forever protected" Open Space land preserved by a conservation easement that the Board of Supervisors and Open Space District let be used by the quarry owner to mitigate for species destruction (and saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on the quarry development instead

What You Can Do to Help:

Join Our Mailing List

Joining our mailing list is easy. Just provide your name and email address in the left column of this page under "Join our mailing list."

You will receive a periodic newsletter that informs you of the latest information about issues in the County that CARRQ is working on.  We will let you know when meetings, events, and other things are happening where you can support CARRQ's mission to preserve the rural quality, agricultural and open space land along Roblar Road.


CARRQ is an all-volunteer organization. We rely on your donations to help us do the work that we do to preserve and protect our agricultural land and open spaces in west Sonoma County.  Your donation will help us pay for costs to educate the public about our work through our newsletter, website, printed materials and events.  While we are fortunate to have the services of a law firm pro bono, your donation will help us pay for experts as needed and to pay for copying documents, transcripts and other costs associated with filing lawsuits challenging the development of the Roblar Road quarry.

Donate Now

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Show Your Support

Signs --Speak Out!

Please let us know if you would like to place an original, hand made CARRQ sign in your yard for all to see.  You would join many other ranchers and residents in the Two Rock, Valley Ford, Bloomfield, and Roblar Road areas in showing our ongoing opposition to the Roblar Road quarry. 

Some actual examples of CARRQ signs posted along Roblar, Bodega, Valley Ford, Canfield, and Pepper Roads. 

  All you have to do is ask.

Tell the Supervisors You Oppose Using Preserved Land to Benefit Developers

Join CARRQ's Letter Campaign

The Sonoma County Open Space and Agricultural Preservation District (SCOSAPD) is considering a mitigation policy allowing the mitigation of endangered species, such as the California Tiger Salamander, as required by the State of California and Federal Government, on publicly protected open space land to benefit private development.  This is a misuse of public funds and trust.

Please add your name and address to the Sample Letter  and send it to your Sonoma County Board of Supervisor (same make-up as the SCOSAPD Board of Directors) or we can turn it in for you, opposing this misguided policy.  You may look on our Contacts page to find the address or email of your County Supervisor.

Use the Feedback button on the left of your screen to express your opinion and we'll post it on our site.

Write or call government officials or agencies and tell them what you think.

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Attend Meetings and Hearings

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Sonoma County Agricultural Presevation and Open Space District

The CAC meets the fourth Thursday of the month.  CARRQ supporters attend meetings when the CAC and the District's general manager discuss open space policy issues related to using conservation easements paid for by taxpayers "In perpetuity" for species habitat mitigation.


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