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Do you want to know more about the work CARRQ is doing?  Please contact us to join our mailing list, express your opinion, tell us about an issue important to you or comment on our website.  We also have opportunities to connect with us over Facebook.  However you wish, we look forward to hearing from you.

County Contacts

Email, write or call the Board of Supervisors stating your opposition to the Roblar Road quarry and their resolution that allowed a neighbor's land that has been protected by a taxpaid conservation easement to be used to replace animal habitat the quarry will destroy.  

The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District (SCAPOSD)  (whose directors are the same people as the Board of Supervisors) is working to develop a mitigation policy that may let developers like John Barella of the Roblar Road quarry use land preserved by conservation easements to replace habitat for endangered species that will be destroyed by development project.  This action would directly benefit the developers, essentially by subsidizing them with our tax dollars.

Join CARRQ's Letter Campaign

Join CARRQ in opposing this misuse of tax funds and the mission of the SCAPOSD by joining our letter campaign against it.  Please add your name and address to the Sample Letter and send it to your Sonoma County Supervisor, opposing this misguided policy. 

State Contacts

Several state agencies will be involved in approving and/or permitting the Roblar Road quarry to operate.  Our state representatives (Assemblyman Huffman and Senator Leno) are aware of the quarry's development and have publicly opposed the County's attempt to misuse open space land to enable the quarry.

Federal Contacts

Some federal agencies will be involved in approving and/or permitting the Roblar Road quarry, such as the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife who will monitor the impact to the biological resources on the quarry site and surrounding it along Roblar Road.


This page lists organizations in Sonoma County that have missions related to CARRQ. Many have directly supported or assisted CARRQ in our efforts to stop the Roblar Road quarry and the misuse of conservation easements and open space land.