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The Area We Protect

Physical Area that CARRQ Monitors and Protects

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The quarry site is located at 7601 Roblar Rd., approximately five miles west of Cotati along the Roblar valley area.  The site is bounded on the north by Roblar Road and the County-owned closed Roblar Landfill; on the west by Roblar Road; on the south by a tributary of Americano Creek and on the east by a private residence. 

There is no dispute that the proposed quarry is adjacent to a closed landfill operated from 1956-67 as an open burn pit and as a sanitary landfill between 1967 and 1971.   The landfill was used by Santa Rosa from March to October 1972. During the era of little or no regulation by federal, state or county agencies regarding the safe disposal of hazardous waste, unkown quantities of materials were dumped at the site.  Neighbors reported at public hearings that pesticides, paint, mercury and lead products, batteries, oil, hormones used in chicken ranching (including DES a known carcinogen), gasoline products, medications and other toxic substances were among the debris routinely dumped into the lanfill prior to the public's awareness about the danger of unregulated landfills to the safety of the land, people and animals.

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If CARRQ does not prevail in court to stop the development of the Roblar quarry, we will turn our attention toward monitoring the quarry permits and operations.  This will be a daunting task!  When the supervisors approved the quarry project in 2010 they did so knowing there were more than 160 Conditions of Approval required before the quarry can start operations, or continue operations for the next 20-30 years.  Conditions of approval include such things as all the permits the quarry will have to get from local, state and federal agencies to begin operations; daily wind velocity; truck speed limits and travel routes; noise levels and more. 

See the more than 180 Conditions of Approval.

We need your help to protect and monitor this beautiful agricultural land and watershed.  Join CARRQ!