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Citizens Advocating for Roblar Rural Quality / Citizens Against Roblar Rock Quarry (CARRQ), formed more than 20 years ago when people living along Roblar Road and the neighboring areas banded together to stop the development of  a gravel mine on the Roblar Ranch.  The group has always fought to preserve and protect the agricultural land, natural resources and rural residences in the Roblar area.   In 1986 and 1988, developers proposed that the project site beside the County's closed, unlined and uncapped landfill be developed as a quarry and submitted applications for approval of the project.  CARRQ fought against these two projects: the first proposal was withdrawn by the developer and the second proposal was denied by the Board of Supervisors in 1990.  We opposed those projects for the same reasons we continue to oppose the quarry today!    Read more.....

We are concerned about contaminants in the old, closed county landfill damaging our water resources during the quarry's operation.  We know the addition of 200 to 400 gravel trucks per day traveling on our roads over the next 20+ years will impact people's health and safety, affect our air and water quality and will damage roads beyond the County's ability to repair them.  We know natural resources (creeks, plants and animals) in the area will be affected forever, despite the developer's reclamantion plans.  We know the cumulative impact to our area of adding a new quarry next door to the old, closed landfill, just over the hill from the currently-operating Mecham landfill, and just a few miles west of the existing Stony Point quarry is unfair to people who live, work and travel in this scenic area.

About the Area We Protect

CARRQ's focus for years has been the protection of agricultural land along Roblar Road, approximately five miles west of Cotati, where dairies, ranches and rural residences are situated in a scenic valley traveled by hundreds of people daily on this rural road on their way west toward Valley Ford and the coast.  The area contains the uppermost reach of the American Creek watershed and the Ranch Tributary and includes a riparian wetland and home to many species of wildlife including several special status animals, birds and fish including California tiger salamanders, American Badger, Cooper's hawk, golden eagles and other raptors.  The project site includes many oak trees that are considered protected by Sonoma County's Tree Protection ordinance.

Over the years, CARRQ has expanded our support of other citizens and groups within Sonoma County who are working to preserve and protect agricultural and open space land and to help monitor the County's land use policies.  Of particular concern to us is the County and Open Space District's "re-interpretation" of an existing conservation easement on land immediately adjacent to the quarry site owned by a neighbor that they allowed to be used by the quarry owner to build new habitat for tiger salamanders to replace habitat he will destroy with the quarry.  This action destroys the good faith tax-payers have in the Open Space District to use funds to "protect forever" our land and it directly benefitted the quarry developer making it easier for him to build the quarry.   Read more....


About the Roblar Quarry Project

The Board of Supervisors approved the development of the Roblar Road quarry by a 3-2 vote in December, 2010 despite signifcant public comment and expert opinion against the project.  Outgoing Supervisors Kerns and Kelley and Supervisor Valerie Brown voted "Yes" with Supervisors Carrillo and Zane voting "No."  The quarry will mine up to 570,000 tons of rock every year for 20 or more years, and destroy this land forever.    Read more....

About the Suits We Filed

CARRQ has filed three lawsuits in Sonoma County Superior Court to stop the Roblar Road quarry and contest actions by the County/Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District (SCAPOSD):

  • Writ of Mandate challenging the Roblar Quarry project Environmental Impact Report
  • Public Information request for the County's internal communication regarding the quarry project
  • Suit filed with local ranchers challenging the decision by the County and SCAPOSD to allow property under a conservation easement to be used to replace habitat for California tiger salamanders
    • CARRQ lost this suit and has appealed in the California Appeals Court

CARRQ won a lawsuit filed by the quarry owner John Barella seeking to disqualify our pro bono lawfirm from representing us.